What the Dickens!

Although the picture postcard didn’t become widely popular until the final decade of the 19th century, events and personalities from earlier times still frequently appear on them. So it’s no surprise that devotees of the prolific and iconic Charles Dickens, the 19th century novelist, can build up a huge collection of images based on his life and work. In Edwardian days, postcard publishers couldn’t wait … Continue reading What the Dickens!

Australia Post issues ‘Disaster Relief’ stamps

The international stamp community has come to the fore and, as I write, has already donated about A$12,500 to the Australian bush fi re disaster appeal fund – can you add to that? – tinyurl.com/FiresOz. Australians can now assist disaster donations by simply walking into their Post Offices and buying a sheet (or sheets) of the new Australia Post $1.10 booklet panes of five different … Continue reading Australia Post issues ‘Disaster Relief’ stamps