Autumn Stampex replaced by Virtual Stampex 2020

Just as this edition of PE was going to press, the news broke that Autumn Stampex, scheduled for 30 September–3 October, was being replaced with a Virtual Stampex event.

This decision was made by the Philatelic Traders’ Society, responsible for hosting Stampex International, after a full assessment of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic factors affecting the show. These included safety and financial implications for both visitors and exhibitors.

The new Virtual Stampex will take place online and will enable you to meet, shop for stamps, attend Stampex Talks and get special Stampex offers.

This decision is not the first and will certainly not be the last during the current situation. The Summer Seminar of Philately, an annual tradition of the American Philatelic Society, was moved online earlier this month. Instead of the usual in- person event, there will be a month-long series of workshops and seminars in June that participants can enjoy from their own homes. Only this week, London’s Chelsea Flower Show held its own virtual event, including talks, how-to guides and tours. I am sure these and other events will be an inspiration as plans are made for a Virtual Stampex.

Suzanne Rae, Chair of the PTS said: ‘The decision to postpone Stampex safeguards the health of those we care about and the future of the show. It is a shame we won’t be able to meet many of our colleagues and clients in person this Autumn but we are excited about inviting collectors from around the world to our Virtual Stampex event. In the meantime, if you are looking to buy or sell stamps, visit the PTS website to search our members and look for the shield.’

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