PTS Launches Awards

The Philatelic Traders’ Society have launched the PTS Awards 2020, which will celebrate, champion and support philatelic companies. Their aim is to highlight unique entrepreneurs and businesses within the industry, showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity within the hobby. More information is available on the website ( Philatelic Exporter is proud to partner the PTS in these awards to support the industry in what has been a very difficult year.

There will be four award categories. Ambassador of the Year will celebrate those who are actively promoting the trade and the hobby in new, creative ways. The Legacy Champion of the Year honours those who are actively investing in knowledge sharing and retention for the future. The PTS Contributor of the Year will be awarded to those who are actively contributing to the success of the Society outside of the immediate team and Council. Finally, the Creative Concept of the Year is to highlight the best in innovations within philately – for the trade and the hobby.

PTS Chair Suzanne Rae commented: ‘2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and many companies have had to think on their feet and pivot their business or come up with creative initiatives. We thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to launch an awards’ programme to champion these successes and keep inspiring others. This we hope will be the first of many award seasons. We are delighted to partner with Philatelic Exporter to highlight this concept and to showcase our amazing winners.’

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