Virtual Stampex Returns

This week, the Philatelic Traders’ Society are once again presenting a Virtual Stampex show. As with last October’s event, Virtual Stampex, which runs 25–27 March, will connect the world’s philatelic community 24 hours a day for three days, with the aim of bringing together collectors from all over the globe.

Virtual Stampex is driving the philatelic revolution, capitalising on the resurgence of the hobby due to the global pandemic. The show encourages people to connect and enjoy a philatelic experience from the comfort of their own home. Visitors will enter via an interactive lobby, which will be open for the full 72 hours of the show, and will then be able to connect globally through text, audio and video with Stampex stand holders, PTS members, auction houses, philatelic societies, postal administrations, museums, experts and social influencers – completely free of charge.

The organisers are planning a wide range of events, including some exciting new additions to the format of Virtual Stampex compared to last year’s show. Sponsored by Corinphila and Heinrich Koehler, the Collectors’ Lounge is a space to allow collectors to meet, chat and connect. They can arrange to meet friends, join a relaxed session on collecting from one of the experts and meet the teams who are showing in the booth hall.

A Gold Membership Hall will feature PTS Gold Members, including the likes of Mark Bloxham, Brian Bayford, Stanley Gibbons and Bill Barrell.

An Exhibitors’ Hub is the area for those who want to see the exhibitions run by the Association of British Philatelic Societies (ABPS) and award-winning collections presented by the Museum of Philately.

Exploring Stamps, the Digital Philatelist and the Punk Philatelist have come together to create the Portal – a new social booth for the show.

There will be over 80 booths in the booth hall, including Cherrystone Auctions, Noble Spirit, APS, Linns, New York Collectors Club, Compustamp and Conversations with Philatelists. Many of these will be offering some great deals over the three days of the event.

Once again sponsored by Spink, the Spink Auditorium will be home to the Virtual Stampex Talks, including ones from the New York Collectors Club, FIAP and the Royal Philatelic Society London.

Stamps in the Attic enables those people with inherited or gifted collections to have them appraised for free at Virtual Stampex.

Register for Virtual Stampex on the website ( The show will run for 72 hours from 8am (London time) on 25 March until 8am (London time) on 28 March.

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