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The Philatelic Exporter Reader Survey 2022

Thank you very much for reading the Philatelic Exporter. We relaunched the publication back in May 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic was making itself felt around the world, and we are now bringing back our reader survey to hear your thoughts on the magazine and what else you would like to see covered. Through your valued help, this survey will … Continue reading The Philatelic Exporter Reader Survey 2022

Centenary of Birth of Czesław Słania

Czesław Słania (1921–2005) is considered one of the world’s most productive and accomplished engravers, as he engraved over 1000 postage stamps for 32 different countries and was known for the precision, speed and sophistication of his work. His output ranged from portraits to landscapes, buildings and nature, working across a variety of engraving techniques. In … Continue reading Centenary of Birth of Czesław Słania

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