Red Cross and Anti-tuberculosis Issues

The frequently cited ‘Spanish flu’ epidemic of 1918 has not been mentioned explicitly on European stamps, but I assume it was one reason (among others) for the numerous charity issues with surcharges for the benefit of the Red Cross and other welfare organisations. The most lethal disease affecting lungs until today is tuberculosis. The Global Tuberculosis Report of the WHO gives a number of 10 … Continue reading Red Cross and Anti-tuberculosis Issues

Just how many stamp stores?

It’s been a well-known fact for several decades that the number of bricks-and-mortar stamp stores in the United States has been dwindling. At one point during the 1950s, according to Herman ‘Pat’ Herst, in his book, Nassau Street, there were almost 250 stamp stores on that fabled street alone; but the rising cost of rent, easy access to mail order and, later, use of the … Continue reading Just how many stamp stores?